how to get fired up when you’re not fired up

Amanda Brett artist, Summer sketch series 060115
Amanda Brett artist, Summer sketch series 060115

It’s really hard to create a painting about a subject I have no interest in, having said that, I can make myself want to paint a particular subject simply by working through a research process and getting to know and appreciate the subject.

Imagine what it’s like for me to be told Country & Western theme … ?**$#@!!**^??

Guess what? You can get fired up about any subject too!!

While I was still working in the corporate world but dabbling in watercolour painting, I was thrilled that my tutor would supply the subject matter. It meant one less thing for me to worry about, all I had to do was turn up every week and she’d have an amazing array of cool stuff she had pulled together for us. Barbara was a tremendous creative facilitator.

Another upside to this was that I learned to accept what was in front me, whether I liked it or not, this was no time to be fussing and complaining, I had 3 hours of painting time in front me, better get to it quick!

In writing this post I realise too, part of my inspiration for a subject came from our group discussion about the subject and everyone’s ideas. Some of my best painting experiences have been painting in a group.

The more research I do about a particular subject the more passionate and determined I become to paint it. I fall in love with the subject … it could be something as simple (?) as a brick wall or the way the light falls on a glass and the shapes and colours it creates. The intricacies of a subject become fascinating, although I don’t paint a lot of detail, I go through a process of studying the detail and deciding what I will leave out, what to include and which details describe my message best for that piece of art.

For me, there is a driving force to create and always has been. I’ve always drawn and painted (I painted watercolour when I was very young, in fact, I was drawing and painting before I could write my name!). It seems stronger now than ever and I think this may be, in part, because I now work as a professional artist creating and painting most days – total immersion is good!

My brain is more switched on to looking for subject matter and planning my next work – everywhere I see a painting waiting to be painted. The more I look for subjects the sooner they appear – the more I paint the more ideas I get.

happy New Year!!

Happy painting!!



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